Basic Jello Shot Tips

Making little shots of jello with alcohol in them doesn’t really sound like that intimidating of a task.  The first time I attempted to pull it off, I had my booze in hand and my little packet of jello, ready to party!  But, like every great drink, proportion plays a major roll. You need to know the right balance of ingredients in order to get the desired firmness out of your jello. Needless to say, I didn’t know that information at the time and I ended up with runny dribble I didn’t want to drink.  (Although I did end up drinking it, I just didn’t want to.) These helpful basics will help you get the formula down so that you will be able to make jello shooters out of any of your favorite cocktail drinks.

The Big Jello Shot Tip

Fancy Jello Effects

Floating Fruit Fun

Unflavored Gelatin

Alcohol Content Tip

Shot Containers

Master Jelloist!

That’s Tom up there filling Jello shot cups using a turkey baster.  (Check out Bonus Tips)  He’s the owner of He decided to help me out on this project.  What a nice guy!  We had a lot of fun spending the day playing with Jello.