Welcome to Jellatio!

Jello Shots are our speciality Jellatio.com!  On this website, you can get all the basic tips and information you need to become a Jello Shot Master!!  And I know how you secretly LONG to be the Jello Shot Master.  So, in other words, you’ve come to the right place, buddy.  After you get the basic tips down, you can learn how to use unflavored gelatin to make Jello shots out of anything.  Then you can learn how to give your Jello shots fancy effects like suspending gummy bears and fruit in the middle of them, and how to make multiple layers.  Yes, “Wow” your neighbors and impress your friends!  You will definitely be the talk of the town.

We’ve found recipes of all shapes and sizes.  From simple shots that don’t require many ingredients, to recipes like the Long Island that use a lot.  In addition to the things you’ve seen, we’ve collected Jello Shot recipes that would be perfect for specific holidays and events, delicious dessert style creations, pudding shots, and even some practical joke shot recipes that you can use to pay your friends back.

Jellatio.com will even teach you the secrets of shooting back a jello shot without looking like a complete moron!  A sure way to make your friends look way dumber than you.  These little tricks will make you seem suave and appealing. Tres cool.

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